Become a member

Any person with an active interest in energy economics is eligible for membership in the Association (membership runs from January to December). Student memberships are also available. Memberships of all types carry the right to vote and to hold office as a member of the SAAEE Council, if elected by the membership at large.

Membership provides the opportunity to network within one of the largest Associations globally for energy professionals, the IAEE. Specific member benefits include:

Direct Membership

Individual membership provides access to SAAEE meetings, accessing SAAEE publications and the directories. Being at the same time IAEE members, subscription to the IAEE academic journals and conference proceedings and network is provided.
Student Membership

Student membership of SAAEE provides students with the full benefits of direct membership at a much lower cost. The Student Chapter of SAAEE provides students with student-directed activities and networking opportunities. To qualify, members shoudl be a full time undergraduate or postgraduate student and have a valide academic email address.
Corporate and Institutional Membership

Corporate or Institutional membership allows a company or organization to gain recognition for supporting SAAEE while benefitting from a variety of products/services. The SAAEE recognises the institution as a partner in the Association’s efforts. This contribution will assisst SAAEE to promote high quality activities and programmes, while gaining unlimited access to events, advertising on the SAAEE website, and engagement with the SAAEE in many levels.